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MAY 03, 2018

For WRC Tutoring (MLK 1st Floor)

Welcome! This is the website where students enrolled in English and ESL courses (including ILA-800 and clinic courses) can sign up for peer tutoring appointments. Peer tutoring appointments are 30 minutes long, and students may receive up to two 30-minute sessions per week. Tutoring is available Monday through Thursday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For further assistance please call the Writing & Reading Center at (951) 222-8632 or email for any questions regarding Writing & Reading Center operations. Please visit our website at:

Please Note: Cancellations must be made ONLINE 24 HOURS before the scheduled appointment.  NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE.

Martin Luther King Building
Room 119 (bottom floor)
4800 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, CA 92506

Multi-Subject Tutoring (MLK 2nd Floor)

Welcome! This is the area where you can schedule for multi-subject tutoring. A few of the subjects offered are Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and more.

Peer tutoring appointments are 50 minutes long. You may have three sessions per week. Students are invited to request additional tutoring for other subjects in which they are currently enrolled. Please contact the Tutorial Services office for additional appointments. Sessions are offered in a group setting. The maximum number of students in a session is two (2).

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations must be made 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

If you don't see the subject you are looking for, please give us a call at (951) 222-8170/8169 or stop by the office.

Music Tutoring will take place in CSA 128 in the Coil School for the Arts in Downtown Riverside.

Visit our website at:

Martin Luther King Building
Room 232 (second floor)
4800 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, CA 92506



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